Significance of Carpet Drying

Significance of Carpet Drying

Carpets are one of the most essential decoration items for our home and office. In most of the commercial places, people tend to decorate their offices with matching carpets to make it look more attractive. Carpets are the most costly décor piece it is close to impossible to replace these carpets now and then. You might wonder that is it essential to invest time and money to put drape in your living space.

More often than not, carpets are majorly damaged by water content. Moreover, if damp carpets are not treated within 48 hours, mould can develop in them. This can cause serious health problems and mould begins to extend its growth rapidly. Despite the concerning risks, most people do not know how to dry carpet or how important it is to act quickly.

If wet carpet is not treated properly, invisible damage can persist and worsen over time. Besides the quick execution, the drying of the carpet should be carried out by only one expert. It can also penetrate the surrounding surface and damage other parts of the carpet, such as the floor, walls, ceiling, floor and walls.

Water sources are a possible cause of wet carpet, but how does the carpet get wet and how do you get it to wet?

This can be due to a defective sump pump, leaking pipes, leaks in the sanitation system or a failure of the water supply. This can cause water pipes to crack or break, as well as overfilling the bathroom sinks.

This can lead to highly contaminated water and high concentrations of bacteria and viruses in the water supply. Wet rugs should always be treated as an emergency, but what to do if your rug gets wet and how to dry it? The category of water that makes the carpet wet determines how it should be dried, and you should never dry a wet carpet in the same way as a dry carpet.

The following steps should be taken in order to facilitate the drying of the carpets:

  • Stop electrical supply to the area – this includes turning off power to any exposed sockets and removing all power strips and extension cords.
  • Remove all furniture – please note, if the furniture legs are wet, they should not be put on dry carpet.
  • Secure curtains and blinds – if window dressings are in contact with the wet carpet, they may also become damaged.
  • Remove excess water from the area–this includes mopping any surrounding hard floorings (like tiles, wood, and vinyl), putting down towels, and vacuuming with a wet/dry vac.

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