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Be it commercial buildings, theatres, hotels, homes, rugs and carpets can add up to the elegance, comfort and warmth to the spaces. However, the stains, dirt and odour make the carpet look fade and discolored after a certain time. This is why carpet cleaning is much essential.

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A number of clients have opted us for carpet cleaning, how?

  • Carpets were refurbished and looked like a newly bought one.
  • No dirt, stain or smell, was left behind at the end of our work.
  • There was no compromise in quality delivered through our proficient staff.
  • All our services are at reasonable and affordable prices.

    Why is carpet cleaning eminent?

    Here is why cleaning your carpet is essential- 
    • Hygiene- By washing carpets, you can eliminate the amassed dirt, hair, food crumbs, stains, or dust. Having them professionally cleaned will enhance their beauty and make them look fresh.
    • Eradicate the microbes-Expert carpet cleaning helps you to eradicate the mites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Also, it prevents them from causing allergies and infections. Since these unwanted residents look for grime, additionally if you have a humid environment, then this carpet can be a place for microbe breeding and thus well being of the entire family is in a peril.
    • Odour elimination- Carpets tend to absorb odours due to their textures. This is the reason that without cleaning, they start generating unpleasant odours. So, regular carpet cleaning is a must to avoid this issue.
    • Eliminating dust particles-The accumulated dust makes these carpets and rugs look discolored. Also, the carpets lose their softness due to the build-up of dust in case they are left unwashed for a long time.
    • Stains-Stubborn stains can develop after a certain time. Also, a vacuum cleaner is insufficient to demolish such type of obstinate stain. So, expert carpet cleaning is a ideal in this situation.
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    How Do We Carry Out Deep Carpet Cleaning At Carpet Clean Expert in Melbourne?

    Though each of the carpet needs unique treatment, still here are is the generic method which we use at Carpet Clean Expert Melbourne.

    The carpet is vacuumed thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner with a High-Efficiency Air Filter which stops the particles that are smaller than 0.3 microns. This process sucks the mites.

    Thereafter a fluid containing detergent and disinfectant is applied on the carpet. This liquid solution helps us to eradicate the bacteria, moulds, viruses, from your carpet. 

    Then, your carpet is vaporized through specialised machinery for home textiles. This process is carried out in the industrial type as it may harm the materials.

    Following this process, it is washed with water by using a specific water vacuum. Through this step, the water and residue can be easily removed.

    Next, the carpet must be allowed to dry for 12 to 24 hours according to the season. At Carpet Clean Expert, we present various cleaning processes in Melbourne relying on the treatment which the carpet requires. Here are some of the treatments which are performed by Carpet Clean Expert.

    Carpet Shampooing

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    Carpet Shampooing in Melbourne:

    This is an important carpet cleaning processes which is performed by Carpet Clean Expert. Through this carpet cleaning process, we remove all types of odour and dirt. Carpet shampooing procedure is carried out by applying a disinfectant soap solution through our carpet cleaning machines. Also, the sensor brush rubs the surface of your carpet. The force and speed of the machine is attuned according to the material.

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    Carpet Shampooing | Carpet Clean Expert

    Dry Cleaning

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    Dry cleaning in Melbourne:

    This service is useful for cleaning the silk or wool carpets which are hand-woven. This carpet cleaning procedure is very significant in some places and needs deep and professional cleaning regularly. For this procedure, a chemical solution is applied on the carpet to suck all the dust particles which are trapped on the carpet. They are eradicated with a vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this cleaning technique, all the carpets, rugs and upholstery can be profoundly cleaned and they are dried and is perfect for immediate usage.

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    Carpet Dry Cleaning | Carpet Clean Expert

    Steam Carpet Cleaning

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    Carpet Cleaning using steam:

    Steam cleaning is a modern method of carpet cleaning. It is effective as well as organic. By using the latest machineries which we have, we use pressurized steam to disinfect and deep clean your carpet fibres. There are two main categories of carpet steam cleaning which can be used for deep cleaning of carpets.  

    • Hot and dry steam cleaning:For the procedure, water is heated to the boiling point where it starts producing steam. This procedure some minutes for each litre of water. The temperature the created steam helps to remove the dirt kills germs, larvae, and eradicates foul smell. Within a few minutes, one can notice the transformation in the carpet. It gets fresh, soft and most importantly free from infections and allergies.
    • Cold and wet steam cleaners:Water is not boiled in these machines for creating steam. So, they use comparatively more water and also does not eliminate fungi and bacteria due to the less temperature of the water.
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    Carpet Steam Cleaning | Carpet Clean Expert

    Hot Water

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    Hot Water Extraction Technique in Melbourne:

    blend of hot water and cleaning agents to wash away all the filth. In this process, the cleaning mixture is applied to the fibres of the carpet under high pressure due to which the dirt is loosened and thus eliminated. Thereafter, a high-powered vacuum eliminates blemishes and marks from the carpet.

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    Carpet Hot Water Extraction | Carpet Clean Expert

    Carpet Stain Removal

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    Carpet Stain Removal in Melbourne:

    Difficult stains need efficient cleaning methods to eliminate the complete existence of the stains by not causing any kind of harm the carpet fabric during the procedure. At Carpet Clean Expert, we use proven personalised treatments to get rid of stains according to their nature.

    • Pet faeces or urine stains: To wipe out the caused due to liquids, wet carpet cleaning method including soapy ammonia in water is commonly used. This procedure can be widely used for cleaning acrylic short-pile or polyester carpets.
    • Hot/cold beverage stain: For removing stains of beverages, soft egg or blood, profession solutions are utilised. Mainly, a mixture of mild detergent solution and white vinegar mixed in warm water is applied with a sponge and the carpet is cleaned with a cloth.
    • Sugar/ glue stain: An alcohol mixture is used for removing the stains caused due to sugar and glue; some professional products also can be utilised. 
    • Ink or paints: For eliminate oil, ink, bitumen, tar stains, some definite solvents are utilised for dry cleaning of carpets and rugs. If the carpet has paint stains, nail lacquer or ink, then after application of the dry cleaning solvent, A mixture of lukewarm water, mild detergent and vinegar is applied on the dirty area.
    • Mud stains:In case the mud stains are to be removed they can be left to dry, and after they are completely dried, the area can be scrubbed by a brush or machines relying on the kind of carpet fabric. Also, we can apply this solution to the specific targeted areas.
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    Carpet Stain Removal | Carpet Clean Expert

    Carpet Flea Treatment

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    Carpet Flea Treatment and Cleaning:

     Most of the fleas enter through pets, and it becomes difficult for you to eliminate them. However, at Carpet Clean Expert, we are experienced to eliminate the flea and clean the carpet at the same time without harming your carpet or the surroundings. To remove these unwanted fleas, we start with vacuuming process. Vacuuming solves the bigger problem which comes with flea eggs, larvae, and pupae. Merely eradicating the fleas is not enough as there might be a new generation of flies hidden in your carpets. Along with vacuuming, we utilise pesticides and cleasing solutions for deep cleaning of fibres and eradication of hidden small fleas and flea eggs.

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    Carpet Flea Treatment | Carpet Clean Expert

    Carpet Odour Removal

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    Carpet Odour Removal Procedure:

    The stale stink of a carpet can usually be caused due to numerous reasons, either due to spilling or humid atmosphere. In case the carpet is left wet for a longer time, then there might be produced moulds later, which might lea d to many unpleasant odours, irrevocably damaging the carpet. At Carpet Clean Expert, we focus on eliminating the excess moisture through a wet/dry vacuum to eradicate the unwanted odour. Once we have eliminated maximum moisture, we use our high-tech cleaning solutions to wash the entire carpet and remove all the bad odour or fungus. However, in case the bad odour is a result of some other agent, then we take care of that through our advanced carpet cleaning services.

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    Carpet Odour Removal | Carpet Clean Expert

    Mould Infestation

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    Mould Infestation Procedure:

    Mould is extremely harmful to the carpets; it causes corrosion of the fibres and is very hard to eradicate. In case your carpet is left wet for many days or if the affected area is more than 2 square meters, it is suggested that you must hire an expert cleaning agency to carry out this task. To take care of mould infestation, we vacuum the carpet thoroughly; thereafter we apply anti-mould spray on the surface and ensure that this spray gets soaked in the carpet fibres. Lastly, we rub the mat from both sides and allow it to dry. Our dedicated team of expert carpet cleaners is proficient in local carpet controlling and eliminating the stubborn mould infestation from the carpet.

    Carpet Mould Infestation | Carpet Clean Expert

    What is the need of regular carpet cleaning?

    If you have to manage a place like a hotel, café, casino or an office then you need to have a good maintenance service for carpets and rugs. Here are some reasons for this recommendation.
    • When stains crop up on carpets and rugs, it is much easier to have them cleaned when they are still fresh. Because they get a lot stubborn after drying. Hence, regular cleaning is always recommended since in a lot of cases you can eradicate the unwanted dirt and stains right when they are easily washable.
    • The amassing of dust, mites, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that can be harmful to the health of people and animals. This can be avoided through regular cleaning and the carpets and rugs can remain in their best conditions. It is a perfect way to permanently enjoy carpets and rugs in supreme conditions for a much affordable price. 

    Benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service:

    • The price of maintenance and cleaning of carpets and rugs, by professionals, is cheaper as compared to the cost of a specific cleaning carried out by oneself or through an unskilled cleaner, as there is always the risk of damage of the carpet.
    • Stains and dirt can be completely eradicated in a little time
    • The carpets appear to be new, without colour loss or chemical residues which may make it lose its shine and texture. The fibres remain undamaged during professional treatment.
    • They abolish bad odours and leave a fine aromatic fragrance.
    • Elimination of viruses, bacteria and mites is one of the biggest advantages of professional carpet cleaning. Mites reproduce in such environment, and especially in summer with the increase in temperatures and during winters due to heating. A professional carpet cleaning can help you to maintain a completely disinfected and healthy environment.
    • With good regular maintenance and without immense expenses, your carpets will look like a newly bought one without having to do deep carpet cleaning as regularly.
    Carpet Repair Expert | Carpet Clean Expert

    Frequently Asked Questions On Carpet Cleaning Melbourne:

    • Do you provide disinfection services on emergency booking?

      Sure. We clean and sanitize your home carpet through unmatched cleaning services throughout Melbourne. In case of a sudden issue, we also offer same day carpet steam cleaning & sanitization services, just connect with us on the mentioned number and book an appointment now.

    • Which kind of vacuum cleaner do I need to for cleaning the carpet at home?

      The type of vacuum cleaner which needs to be used while cleaning relies on the kind of carpet which you have. You can consult with a vacuum cleaner manufacturer and get it's through information and usage.

    • Is a DIY solution effective for cleaning the carpet?

      Using DIY cleaning solutions on your carpet can be harmful as it ight damage the carpet. So, we recommend you to get the solutions approved or first put a little drop of solution on a small part and see if there is any damage. Later, you can use it for the complete carpet.

    • Will you deliver services punctually?

      Our staff is very particular about their time. When you book your appointment, we will ensure that you get the service exactly on the given time. Also, if there are any changes in the appointment, we inform you in advance so that you have a complete idea.So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us now and book an appointment.

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